Fix iOS 8 Family Sharing not working on iPad/iPhone

Without using the same account, the Family Sharing feature in iOS 8 offers the new way to let up to six users in your family to share and use each other’s purchases things from App Store, iTunes, and iBooks with the same credit card. However, i have setted up it on my iPad running IOS 8 and My wife attempt to download and install “My Media Center” app purchased by Family Sharing Originator account from “Ceton” on my iPhone, it shows the error message “Redownload Unavailable with This Apple ID. This redownload is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or cancelled.” with OK button. Then I still can’t get the free app from this particular sense, even tried a different paid app. How can I fix the family sharing not working issues? Continue reading

iPad cannot connect to 4G if switched from WiFi network

My new iPad 3rd gen (AT&T) constantly keeps losing cellular data connnection. When I switch the tablet from Wifi, the AT&T signal is strong with 5 bars on the screen but it doesn’t pick up LTE 4G cellular and shows up “could not activate the cellular data network” error message. It occurs while I am at home or in office. Try reseting network settings, restarting the device only works for about 50 seconds. I notice that my iPhone 4 don’t have the same problem. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading

Use iPad to download files onto Mac remotely

If you are outside or in office and get a link with something you want to download onto your Mac desktop at home, copying the URL to the iPad’s Notepad and doing that later at home is very cumbersome. To solve situations, Transloader utility helps you use the iPad or iPhone to remotely download any kind of file onto the Mac any time. Continue reading

Autofocus doesn’t work while recording on iPad 3

My iPad 3 have been updated to iOS 6.0.1. When I take photos using the native camera app, the screen shows up an object and the autofocus feature works fine. However, if I change it to start recording video, focus is always locked until I tap on the screen. It happens intermittently and sometime it works. My iPhone 5 also have got the same problem. How can I setup autofocus and autoexposure on or off? Is there hardware or software issues? Continue reading

How to change language with bluetooth keyboard

I always need to use multiple languages on my iPad 2 iOS 5, so I go to Setting > General, tap “Add New Keyboard” and choose another language that works for me to install. To switch languages, just press and hold the little globe button of on-screen keyboard and select one from a popup list. However, after pairing and connecting to Zagg bluetooth keyboard, I can’t find a way to write in different languages and use the auto-correct feature. Continue reading

iPad mini headphone jack not working problem

I recently received a new iPad mini for birthday. When I plug in my headphones into the small tablet, all music audio comes out of the main speakers, and nothing but white noise plays through the headphones. However, it is working fine with my iPhone 5 for 2 months. Is this a hardware problem? Should I take it to exchange or repair? Continue reading