applephotostream.exe has stopped working on Windows 7 64bit

I have successfully install iCloud Control Panel on Windows 7 64bit. When I open the control panel and try to set up the photo stream, it says “applephotostream.exe has stopped working”. Sometimes applephotostreams.exe crashes on startup. I am not able to make photostream to work. How can I fix the issues?

* Make sure the AppleID is matched on your iOS device and in the Windows iCloud Control Panel.
* Some of share applications might be conflict. After I
uninstall eye-fi and evernote, the problem solved.

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  1. On Windows 7, I go to C:\Program files(x86)\Common Files\Apple\Internet Services\, and open ApplePhotoStreams.exe manually , but it crashes. Try installing iCloud Control Panel again and it starts again.

  2. I’m using the Evernote Ultimate for my activities, I hope that Apple will correct these bogues quickly, because I’ve paied for ICloud whith 50 Go and can’t using it.

    thank you for the future patch ­čÖé

    bests regards


  3. I have the same problem (Windows 7 64bit) every time I restart Windows. I, too, hope Apple will correct this conflict quickly.

  4. I had this error on vista. I logged into and clicked on my name in the upper right corner. Then select Advanced and “Reset Photo Stream”. This fixed my issues and I was then able to open Icloud again from the control panel without the ApplePhotoStream.exe failure.

    • Jennifer, when I try to follow your directions I get stopped at not finding and “advanced” to get into so I never see reset photo stream. Any other suggestions? I set up photo stream on my iPhone 5 and am using a PC with Windows 7.

  5. Thanks Jennifer. I had the same problem and it seems to have resolved now. But I have to use Safari.

    Muchas gracias Jennifer, el problema se solucion├│ completamente luego de seguir tus indicaciones. Lo ├║nico que tiene que tiene que hacerse con Safari, ya que Internet Explorer no lo permite.

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