Back to My Mac iCloud Server Not Responding issue

When I try to enable “Back to My Mac” in iCloud on a Mac mini with lion server 2011, I get error “iCloud server not responding”. In the exactly same networks, my mac book pro starts the service just fine while the Mini cannot connect.

How to fix “iCloud Server Not Responding issue”
* Turn “Back to My Mac” off, waiting 15 seconds, and then rechecking “Back to My Mac”.
* Make sure the outbound port 443 isn’t blocked by firewall.
* Disable IPFW or reset all the rules in the firewall.

5 thoughts on “Back to My Mac iCloud Server Not Responding issue

  1. Unfortunately, that didn’t help. I’m having this problem on two machines (a Macbook Pro work and a Mac Pro at home). Some other folks in the office are stuck too, some aren’t. This is a widespread issue that Apple messed up with iCloud, and they seem to be ignoring it. How can Apple be so good at hardware and operating systems and so bad at web services?

  2. I had the same problem. Found this on an Apple forum and it fixed my problem as it seems to have fixed others. Simple and it works. Ray
    I posted in a couple other threads about this issue. Hope this helps.
    I was having the same problem but found a solution that worked for me.

    1. From the iCloud System Preferences pane, uncheck the Back to My Mac checkbox to turn it off.

    2. Open the Keychain Access app (in Applications/Utilities).

    3. Click the “System” keychain (You’ll see keychains near the upper left of the app window).

    4. Make sure “All Items” is selected in the “Category” box below.

    5. In the results showing to the right, look for any key whose “Kind” is “Back to My Mac key.”

    6. Delete the key(s), authenticating with your password to do so.

    7. Back in the iCloud System Preferences pane, re-check the Back to My Mac box.

    At this point, Back to My Mac started and the “server not responding” message did not appear.

    I’d tried unchecking and re-checking several times before to no avail. I hope it works for everyone.

    Maybe the keys we had were tied to MobileMe and became invalid when MobileMe shut down?

    • Ray! Thank you. This indeed worked for me as well. I suspect this was an issue for people that had MobileMe too. Once moved over from MM to iCloud they must have a different authentication location, hence the old one not responding correctly.


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