Copy/Paste Events in iCloud calendar

I am able to copy events between calendars in ical on my Mac. There are many events in my life that recur frequently, but not on a regular basis. But I can’t find a way to copy and paste events within iCloud. If I type them everyday, that would take a lot of time. How can I do that in iCloud calendar?

It seems that it’s impossible to copy and paste events in iCloud. You can send Apple your feedback and Developers will add this functionality.

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  1. Yes, I too have found the inability to copy and paste events in iCloud calendar limiting. I schedule events to repeat every day into the future and then select and remove the events from the days I do not want to include. I way around until iCloud is improved…

  2. PLEASE ADD COPY & PASTE ~ IT IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!! I cant believe it was left out in the first place. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong.

  3. No doubt the room full of developers for iCloud calendar never thought to communicate with the iCal developers and make sure every functionality in iCal would be in iCloud calendar. But to not have a copy and paste function is just ridiculous.

  4. R U kidding. My old AMIGA computer (Commadore)from 1982 had twice as much functionality as iCalender. I don’t get it Apple!

  5. SOLUTION! But only if you have MS Outlook.
    I still find it unfathomable why such a basic task is unavailable, given the sophistication of the Apple OS. Still, I’m sure Apple has its reasons. In the meantime, I found a solution last year which works like a dream and even though it is more of a workaround, it does exactly what I need – Entering, Deleting, Copying, and Pasting Calendar Events and Contacts to my Apple devices. It’s an inexpensive MS Outlook plugin for iCloud from CodeTwo . Once installed and accounts have been set, it will sync any changes to Outlook Calendar (and Contacts) to your Apple devices. Just make sure that the iCloud Calendar is the only one chosen in Outlook (to prevent duplicate events on your Apple devices), and you’re ready to go. Changes made in Outlook (like Copy/Paste events) will appear on your Apple devices (usually within ten seconds), and any event changes on your Apple devices will reflect in Outlook in the same time span, or when Outlook is next opened. Like many, I have different working hours, and this has proved a Godsend. Sure, you can only use Outlook and if you don’t have it, then this isn’t for you. For those who do, I hope this helps.

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