Fix iPad locked and stuck on iCloud Backup message

My iPad tablet is in wifi range and I am trying to do a backup. However, I keep getting error message “This iPad hasn’t been backed up in three weeks. Backups happen when this iPad is plugged in, locked, and connected to WiFi“. Clicking OK button but it is not working for me. Now the screen is locked up and no way to access my account and power it down by swiping the slider.

How to Fix iPad locked and stuck on iCloud Backup message issues
* The iPhone also has the same problem. You need to reset the device.
* Holding down on both of the Home and Sleep buttons on your iPad at the same time for about 10 seconds.
When the screen shows up the Apple Logo, ignore the red slider to make a reboot.
* Once finished, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup, and turn iCloud Backup on and then tap “Back up Now” button.

31 thoughts on “Fix iPad locked and stuck on iCloud Backup message

  1. Thank you sooo much. It was extremely frustrating and I tried holding down the buttons but I didn’t know it had to be for 10 entire seconds. Those were the longest seconds of my life!

  2. THANK YOU!! I had this happen to me for the first time yesterday & thankfully I found your solution before losing all hope, LOL! I didn’t get a red bar reboot option, which is just fine with me–I backed up my mini & iTunes is no longer asking me to trash everything on it :-D. Many thanks again!

  3. Thank goodness for this site. I was on the phone with an IPad representative who spend a good 20 minutes trying to talk me into as 69.99 Ipad Apple Tech support package. I insisted over and over that this should not be something I have to pay for. Finally he said he would make me an appointment and then told me I would have to go to Vegas and I told him I live in Delaware. Who ever found the solution THANKS you saved me hours of travel time to my local mall to find out something an Apple rep should be well aware of. Robin

    • Glad it worked out for you. As usual any way they can use to get more money out of us they try. thank God for internet forums like this one.

  4. Hi, thanks so very much. This worked great. I am deleting I cloud, Its my choice to use or not to use it. This was so silly. I cloud had too much power over my I pad. I can store my pictures for FREE on face book as private. To try and force me into buying more space, Not happening. Thanks for this help again.

  5. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much! This kept happening to my daughter’s ipod and we would just have to wait for the battery to die to use it again. It was getting pretty annoying! Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to post this!

  6. just bought an icloud locked ipad on ebay…..let s see if that works too….if not i go into the apple store…….. seller is a pawn shop. they must be sure they dont buy stolen stuff i hope !!!

  7. Hello. I have a similar problem. My company sent me an Iphone (not sure the model) and it has been “factory” reset but still asks for the previous owners Icloud login.

    The company rep has had this phone on the shelf for a while an no longer knows who sent it in or have a purchased receipt. Plus I have never owned an Iphone before so is there any help in my situation outside of paying for a service to reset it or whatever?

  8. I got off the error message that the iPad wasn’t backed up, but now it just displays the iTunes logo in the middle of the screen with an arrow directly below it and a plug below that.

  9. hello i hope someone finds this and can help i have the same problem i bought a as is ipad from a pawn shop and the i cloud is locked but the rest of the device works how do i delete the icloud so i can sign into my apple account? if i find a solution before i get a reply ill post it here thanks

  10. Thank you soooo much!! Very frustrating when you don’t know what your doing. Thank you again worked perfect! 😉 Very nice of you to help!!

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