10 thoughts on “How to Change iCloud Email Address

  1. Hi! It did not work for me. I still have my Apple ID which I don’t want to change but still have my iCloud email address which I want tio change. Help!

  2. It doesn’t work for me. I just need to change the email address not the Apple ID. I can’t finf a way to change ot including deleting the entire account. I even tried to create a new Apple ID with my other email addresses but keeps getting back a reply that those addresses have been registerd already for Apple ID though I know I haven’t.

  3. This DID NOT work at all, won’t let me shut off my ipad unless I put in my password to my old email address, which that doesn’t work anymore either….I need to change this to my new email address in order for all this to work together

    • Tried it again, this time I put my old password to my old email address and it worked. I guess that is what you have to do….deleted the account and started all over again… thanks for these comments…

  4. I can’t turn off the “find my ipad” feature on my Ipad without a valid icloud id and password, which I don’t have. My icloud id is linked to an old email and no password. Is there a way to delete my icloud account without closing the find the ipad feature?

  5. turning off everything didn’t work for me. it won’t allow me to turn off find my Iphone. won’t accept my password.my old or new one.

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