40 thoughts on “How to Change iCloud Email Address

  1. Hi! It did not work for me. I still have my Apple ID which I don’t want to change but still have my iCloud email address which I want tio change. Help!

    • I have tried to delete my cloud acct and can not delete it. I have forgot my password tried to reset it but the email address that it send the info it is not working. I need to change the email address to wildcatsnana01 at gmail.com Can you please help me

  2. It doesn’t work for me. I just need to change the email address not the Apple ID. I can’t finf a way to change ot including deleting the entire account. I even tried to create a new Apple ID with my other email addresses but keeps getting back a reply that those addresses have been registerd already for Apple ID though I know I haven’t.

  3. This DID NOT work at all, won’t let me shut off my ipad unless I put in my password to my old email address, which that doesn’t work anymore either….I need to change this to my new email address in order for all this to work together

    • Tried it again, this time I put my old password to my old email address and it worked. I guess that is what you have to do….deleted the account and started all over again… thanks for these comments…

  4. I can’t turn off the “find my ipad” feature on my Ipad without a valid icloud id and password, which I don’t have. My icloud id is linked to an old email and no password. Is there a way to delete my icloud account without closing the find the ipad feature?

    • I went through this miserable problem myself. After fighting a constant request to log in to my iCloud -which automatically had the WRONG Apple ID and I could not use the old password, etc., because then the Apple ID wasn’t recognized, but I couldn’t change my Apple ID or delete the account because the Find my iPod feature requires the same log in info that was no longer valid! I had to use the Find my iPod feature on my laptop and erase my iPod from my computer! Boo Apple. Not cool.

  5. turning off everything didn’t work for me. it won’t allow me to turn off find my Iphone. won’t accept my password.my old or new one.

  6. I want to change the e-mail address in iClould. I followed the directions that Siri got for me. I went to the screen were you can change e-mail. Once there it ask for OLD e-mail, which I provided. Then ask for the password. I used my current Apple ID password, which didn’t work. So I tried every password I could think of that I have ever used since getting my first iPhone-3. I now have iPhone-5. Where do I go from here. I’m stuck in iPhone purgatory.

  7. I changed my primary Apple ID email because my original was tied to a job I no longer want it registered to. I have thousands of pictures on my iCloud, which was set up in conjunction with my original Apple ID email (work email address) and I need to change this to match my new new, revised, Apple ID. How do I do this and retain all of my data that is stored in iCloud? I can’t have emails going to my work email anymore.

    Thank you.

  8. I have the same problem with all people previous commented.
    I have changed email & password in my Apple ID and working perfect on my Mac Pro, but NO with my iPhone4. iCloud on my iPhone4, consists old inactive email and asks me password. Any password Ι’ve written the wrong feels so process does not proceed. What to do?
    I have an active Apple ID which is connected to my MacPro, but my iPhone stays stuck in the old, so I can not connect it with my current Apple ID and MacPro… 🙁

  9. I changed my icloud password which I now cannot remember. At the same time, I changed email providers and no longer have access to the email account that would send me my password. How do I request my password so that I can get it in my new email account?

  10. nothing works on my iphone 5c Icloud shows an old email that has not been used for many years and no way I can remember a password for it. apple has been no help and I can’t use icloud on my phone. I can sign onto icloud on my pc only and it does not show the old email anywhere. apple support can’t find that email either to eliminate. help

  11. If you download your photos to another device like you home computer You won’t lose the pictures, otherwise you probably will. I did this before going to the genius bar and they said it was a perfect save.

  12. I am using my Mac Pro & getting the msg “cannot connect to iCloud due to problems with eplitt1@yahoo.com. ” This pops up over & over no matter what
    This is my primary email and I tried to follow the instructions to reset my preferences to no avail. Not sure what to do now!

  13. I accidently changed my yahoo email address to iCloud. Now I can not get my yahoo mail. How can I change it back? Thank you

  14. I never planned to use my iCloud account when it first came out years ago.. so i never confirmed my account through the initial email. Now the email doesn’t exist anymore and I can’t use iCloud without first changing the email. My current iPhone asks for the password daily.. and I’m planning on getting a new phone soon. How do I change the email on an iCloud account linked to my iTunes account that was never even confirmed??

  15. How do you change your reply to email? Just signed upmto icloud after using hotmail for years!

    I use a domain name email i.e yourname@yourname.com all emails go to here and email forwarding is on so any emails that get sent to there go to my icloud but when i reply it then goes to my icloud acount! However as you can start to get junk my icloud emails go to junk folder!

    How do i change the reply to email you can do it in hotmail and gmail so people reply to the yourname@yourname.com email and not the icloud one!
    Why does apple miss out basic features like this

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