How to Create Signature for iCloud mail

I had Mobile me mail with a JPEG signature before I changed to the iCloud. But I can’t figure out how to create a custom signature for iCloud mail. I am looking to put my personal signature on my emails I’m sending with my iCloud. Now when I send an email, it arrives as an attachement. My firend also doesn’t have a solution either. That is a bit rubbish, if there’s no way to do it.

Somebody at apple suggested waiting a month or two and there will be some improvements to come.

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  1. Try this it worked for me, hope it works for you.
    open a new email message, on the signature tab drop menu, go to edit signatures. A new menu opens, select the account to which you desire to add new signature, then click + to add, select respective signature #, and from a file folder where you have your image saved drag it to the right side pane, then click all signatures, and from the middle pane drag into all signatures the the signature # you want. You should be ready to create a new email selecting your customized signature, good luck.

  2. I don’t see a signature tab drop menu in the new mail window. or am i looking in the wrong place?

    if anyone figured this out I would really appreciate it if you’d share the solution. it’s really annoying i can’t use the icloud email for work related stuff since i can’t add the logo that has a hyperlink. 🙁 icloud should work on this.

  3. I wasted a lot of time trying to incorporate my corporate logo into my ICloud email signature. Finally dumped ICloud email and went back to Outlook.

  4. using a pc, windows 7, how would i code / insert / type my web link url and email address in my email signature for my icloud email account so that both (web and email links) are formatted, saved, and conveyed properly when i compose and send emails? one, if i create a web link or email address via preferences at the icloud website (i.e., it NEVER works. the text does not automatically convert to links. two, if someone, anyone, could perhaps tell me a certain language / code to use so i can manually configure it, by all means please advise. i’m both creative and technical, and not an idiot. apple has so many issues; some are minor like this yet highly irritating … and i must say, from a writer’s view, the fact that there’s no forward-delete key is ridiculous; and the manner in how ipad users can delete words/characters etc is idiotic; not everyone writes / types or maneuvers keystrokes in the same fashion. and i’m not the only writer complaining about this; often is the case i’m tempted to throw my ipad in the trash or run over it with my car. i’ve never been this angry with devices and technology until apple came along. all these issues combined are really frustrating; i feel they’re essentially a by-product of apple overkill, when technology, systems, devices, etc are designed and programmed with too much focus on certain elements such as design or perhaps a pattern or predicted maneuvers or user operations thereby causing oversights, flaws, and issues relating to some useful, common functions which is ultimately compromised or deprived. i’m a digital artist, illustrator, editorial designer, content / brand writer, publicist, and e-publisher; i have worked on both mac and pc, keeping an open mind but the saga never ends … apple is NEVER consistent; NEVER problem-free; NEVER a smooth experience.

  5. I do not have a “Composing” choice when I open preferences. what am I missing? I am opening my icloud mail in Safari.


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