How to print iCloud calendar on Mac and Windows

Before I was migrated to iCloud, I was able to print out the calendar on MobileMe. But now I can’t figure out how to print the icloud calendar from site or from my iPad/iPhone.  I can’t find any print option.

How to print iCloud calendar
* If your Mac is running OSX Lion 10.7.2 and iCloud is correctly configured, iCal should get all your calendars automatically. Just go to the File menu in iCal and choose “Print”.
* If your Mac are running 10.5.8, you can share your calendar from iCloud on the web, then subscribe to it on the iCal app. Then you can print your iCloud calendar from iCal.
* If your PC is running Windows XP/Vista/7,  using “Ctrl+PrtSc” to copy Calender Screen to clipboard, paste it to MS word document and go to print.

11 thoughts on “How to print iCloud calendar on Mac and Windows

  1. How do you share your calendar from iCoud on the web and then subscribe to it on the iCal app. Can you give me specifics please.
    Thank you

  2. Mac needs to make a printer friendly button on the Icloud calendar page so that icloud users when away from their mac and accessing from internet explorer (etc.) can actually print their entire calendar vs. the print screen method.

  3. What is PrtSc??? I’m using windows 7 and have all my scheduled stuff on there because I use my iPhone a lot and my iPad a lot to keep stuff organized.

  4. Hi danyer Valdivia!
    PrtSc is short for Print Screen and the button for it can be found on the PC keyboard.
    regarding ical printing from iphone an iPad and organizing it may be easier to try something like a third party app – seems that there are quite a fewpeople that need this kind of app, me for one! just look up calPrint on the app store and see where you go from there. i do hope that i have been off some help 😉

  5. oh i meant to say calprint is for pc and mac, lets you use cloud services and lets you sync and print your calendars across all devices, my ical syncs with it on the ipad

  6. Use “snipping tool”, then open it in paint. Nice little tool. You can then add anything you want to it before you print it.

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