32 thoughts on “How to recover my iCloud password

  1. I hav forget the password of iCloud
    My iCloud id and apple id are different
    What I hav to do for recovering the password

  2. I have had to reset my password several time thinking it resets my icloud password. It hasn’t . I really don’t know what to do? So I’m hoping you will help .thank you ,if there is something I’m missing please let me know at *******

  3. I have a problem with this email : hilda44@live.com. I bought a new ipad and am trying to recover the data on Icloud but it won’t let me. It wouldn’t let me recover the newer recovery file because it said software was not up to date so I used the older file not realizing that the older file was still under the old email address: hilda44@live.com. Now I can’t do anything until I get password for that email and I don’t remember it. Please HELP!!

  4. I have for gotten my icloud password. I have tried everything to change it but the system will not let me do so. Is there someone I can call to help me with this ?

    Thank you

  5. I forget my iCloud email password so how I can return it .

    when I do forget email they send in same my email what I forget can you help please

  6. can’t unlock my phone with my apple ID. it says it’s “Incorrect Apple ID”. This id can not be used to unlock this iPhone.

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