How to save photos from photostream to iphoto

I need to make photos from my photo stream permanently save in iPhoto on my Mac. Even I don’t move into events which I would probably do twice a month. If the event I can’t move photo’s from the photostream in iphoto to events, are they saved on my Mac.

Open iPhoto on your Mac, go to iPhoto > preferences > PhotoStream , and check “automatic import”. All photos in PhotoStream will be automatically imported into monthly events and be saved even when PhotoStream deletes the photos due to numbers/time restrictions.

2 thoughts on “How to save photos from photostream to iphoto

  1. Just nice! Was looking in a lot more difficult way to solve the import.. This was exactly what i was looking for. Thnx for spreading the word. 🙂

  2. But do I need iphoto open to do this? What happens if one month elapses and I haven’t opened iphoto? I rarely open iphoto but my mac is always on and connected to the net.

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