How to set up icloud email on android Phone

I have switched over to iCloud. After I configure iCloud email on my Mac and Windows, that works fine. But now my Motorola phone won’t work with the iCloud email.

If you need to set up icloud email on android and other devices, here is a step by step tutorial.
*  Open the native email client app, go to new account setup, fill your email address: “***” or “” and your iCloud password
* Click on the Manual Setup, choose IMAP (Incoming Mail Server) and  fill the following informations:
Server name:
Security type : SSL. (SSL Required: Yes)
Port: 993
* Go to configure smtp server:
Server name:
SSL Required: Yes
Port: 587
SMTP Authentication Required: Yes
Security type: TLS

You need to use require login. I now have iCloud mail working on my Android Motorola Atrix and HTC phone. If the setting is still not working, try changing your password of iCloud account.

9 thoughts on “How to set up icloud email on android Phone

    • i did now this long time ago it was working but now it does not
      some how what you said is right but its not working for me, i have the razor by the way so if any new tricks please lets have it thanks in advance.

  1. I have a droid razr m, and I have tried everything, and none of these settings work, any other suggestions,..I get to checking incoming settings and get could not open connection to server.

  2. Thank you for this information. It was very helpful and fixed my outgoing mail issues on my phone! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  3. I have a Galaxy S5 and ALL of my mail worked fine until a few days ago…but now I can’t get my iCloud mail. I tried to reinstall it but now I get error messages no matter WHAT I do! I get \unable to set up account / authentication failed\ or that my sign in or Password is incorrect (but it’s not). I even changed my password to make sure In case I wasn’t entering something correctly. I even tried installing mail apps for iCloud but the same thing happens! SO FRUSTRATING! PLEASE HELP!

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