iCloud calendar not showing up on iPhone/iPad

I have just updated my iOS devices to iOS5 and moved from MobileMe to iCloud. I can see my iCloud calendar on both the iCloud and my Mac Book Pro, but the iCloud calendars are not showing up on iPhone 4 and iPad 2. My iMac and MacAir calendars sync, and it isn’t syncing to my iPhone. I try switching on calendars for syncing in the iCloud setting, but no working. How to fix the issues? Very frustrating.

If you want to get your iCloud calendar to show up on the iPhone using iOS 5, you can try the fowlling step by step:

* On Home Screen, tap Settings > iCloud > Account, and you can see the Apple ID. Make sure the Apple ID is the same one that you are using on any other devices that you are using iCloud, such as Mac, iPad, iPhone.
* Then Type in your information and tap “Done” button.
* Turn on the “Calendars” in iCloud setting. Once done, you will be able to see iCloud calendars in your iPhone calendar app.

One thought on “iCloud calendar not showing up on iPhone/iPad

  1. I had the exact same problem, but all of my settings were correct, and my calendar was “on.” I did not really expect this to work, but it works with so many other hardware devices, thought I would try it with a software device: I simply turned the calendar

    Had the same problem, but my calendar was in the “on” position. I decided to try to turn it off and back on, since this sometimes works with my printer. Amazingly, IT WORKED!!

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