iCloud deleted my ical events on Mac

After transiting from MobileMe to iCloud and setup icloud from my iCal configuration, my calendar appeares unusually. Yesterday there were five different instances of appointments scheduled in ical. Toay I open ical and find appointments disappear. It seems that icloud deleted my ical events on Mac.

Heer is a solution for fix “ical events deleted by iCloud”
* If you have Time Machine backup, find all old calendars with a filename ending in .ics.
* In iCal, click File > New Calendar and creat “On My Mac”. Click Preferences > General, and set “On My Mac” as Default calendar.
* Drag all .ics files into iCal. Click Calendars > On My Mac, and export all events that you’ve just add.
* Now Set the iCloud calendar as the default calendar and import the exported file into the iCloud calendar.
* Delete the “On My Mac” calendar.

2 thoughts on “iCloud deleted my ical events on Mac

  1. My iPhone now only has events going back a month, and events going back a year in iCal. iCloud is removing my events from my iOS device and Mac.

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