iCloud has Wrong Apple ID on iPad

I have multiple apple id with iCloud. The iCloud just has wrong Apple ID on my new iPad and I see no option to change it to the correct one. The area for Apple ID is grayed out and I can not change it. How can I fix the issue?

You need to delete the wrong account and enter the correct information again on your iPad/iPhone. Tap settings > iCloud, delete the account and sign in with your correct apple ID.

10 thoughts on “iCloud has Wrong Apple ID on iPad

  1. The email address for iCloud is incorrect (an old email address) and I cannot change it (greyed out). I tried to delete the iCloud account but you have to turn off Find My iPhone to delete the account and it wants to know the password to the account which has the old userid. I tried to reset the password but that does not work either.

  2. I have the EXACT same problem as Alfred Stevens above as noted in his Oct 9, 2013 post. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank you.

  3. I am having this same issue. Anyone have advice? I can’t delete icloud account because I need password to turn off find my phone. So frustrating!

  4. I have the same problem. Put in correct information and it is goes back to nothing asking for the name and password again on iPad

  5. I have the same issue, and Apple is being NO HELP what so ever.
    My iPad2 is really messed up, and I need help ASAP to try to remove an old email address that is no longer available to me since changing service providers. I can get into my iCloud account, and the password for my regular Apple account will open almost every service I need. HOWEVER, I keep getting this ridiculous prompt EVERY TIME I attempt to use my iPad. “Sign in to iCloud, Enter the Apple ID password for {former email account now closed}. This stupid system will just keep posting this prompt every 5-10 seconds, even when I am trying to type in new information to get into my current account.


    Anyone got this figured out yet??

  6. Same issues as everyone else here with my iPad2. Can’t change icloud email. Can’t turn off “Find my ipad” due to wrong email showing. Why is itunes Apple ID not the priority?

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