iCloud ical error 403 caldavwriteentityqueueableoperation

Today when I access to my calenders via iCloud, I get the error messages with iCal on my Mac:
“The Access to the account “iCloud” is not allowed
The server responded: “403”
to process CalDAVSetPropertyQueueableOperation “
I only get the issue in iCal. The calender are shown and updated correclty on my iPhone 4s with iOS 5. How can I fix the issue?

If you havethe same problem, try the following step by step:
* Go to systen settting and switch off “Calendar” in the iCloud Settings.
* Open “iCal” and close it on your Mac.
* Then switch on “Calendar” in the iCloud and open iCal again. Problem solved.

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  1. This still did not fix the problem. I have tried it the last two days and it always comes back within an hour of doing your fix.

    • I selected the recurring calendar event that wasn’t deleting and changed it’s calendar list from “home” to “work” for instance and then deleted it.

  2. I’m having the same issue, and tried lots of different solutions (including) the above. Nothing solved it. My calendars work fine in iPhone and iPad, but don’t sync with iCal. Anybody has any ideas? Thanks.

  3. I’m having the same issue. Have tried this and several other options, including cleaning out ~/Calendars, Caches, and Preferences related to iCal. Nothing works :( iCloud felt so good, and now it’s starting to feel like Mobile Me all over again. I’m listening hard for any suggestions.

  4. So in short: Apple is using us devoted users as guinea pigs to improve their system and we pay for it. Amazing.

    Fix didn’t work. Anyone out there at the Apple Store?! Please for the love of God.

    • Newsflash: So far, I have synced from other devices and it logs it on my mac without a problem and doesn’t display any popup messages. Mountain Lion is definitely the main issue here.

  5. I am updating past events in iCal to the correct calendar categories. As I do so some of them simply disappear. When I re-enter them they may or may not remain. Some show up on iCloud right away if they are new events, but not with calendar corrections in one particular calendar. Even when entered fresh they sometimes simply vanish from iCal, or I get this message everyone is reporting and complaining about above.

    As a side note: I love iOS-it works fabulously on my iPhone. Why can’t we get Mail, iCal and Safari to work as well on the actual computers? Do they need a complete redesign: hint, hint Apple.

  6. This fix did not work for me. When I get a caldav invitation from my husband (he uses google calendar), it shows up in gray on my calendar. When I “accept”, the calendar item disappears off the calendar on my macbook. Very frustrating. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Lately it doesn’t.

  7. Do the following

    Back up calendars. Disable calendars, back up, open finder and move ~/Library/:


    … and other files relating to iCal / Calendar to the desktop (these were the ones I found). Then reenable iCloud Calendars in preferences and reenter account info in Calendars if it’s missing. Everything working as it should now.

  8. You guys if you are trying to do something in iCal like erase a calendar and it gives your the

    Access to account “iCloud” is not permitted.

    The server responded:
    to operation CalDAVRemoveCalendarQueueableOperation.

    message, you just need to do it from the iCloud page http://www.icloud.com, login with your Apple ID and managing from the calendar section, there you will find an interface like iCal’s, click in edit and it will give you the option to erase any calendar without any complain.

    Hope it help you guys :)

  9. Та же проблема , что и у Этана
    У меня есть код ошибки (com.apple.appleaccount ошибку 403), когда я хочу использовать ICloud, я не знаю, что делать. Буду благодарна за помощь.

  10. Problème avec iCal

    Le server a répondu par une erreur.
    L’accès à compte “iCloud” n’est pas autorisé.

    Le serveur a répondu:
    à l’opèration

    Je ne trouve pas de solution à ce problème
    M. Apple merci pour votre aide :)

  11. I can’t even alter my appointments directly in iCloud. This is happening in my phone, laptop and both computers. I have tried all above suggestions.

  12. ho creato un id apple per entrare su apple store su un iphone 4 e tutto va bene quando provo a entrare su icloud mi esce l ‘errore 403…come posso fare a risolverlo??

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