iCloud option greyed out on iPhone setting

I have iCloud set up on my iPhone 4s. But when I go into the settings menu, the icloud/Twitter options are grayed out and not working. I am unable to open them. Mail,Calender,and notes with the iCloud accounts have the same issues. I can log into icloud.com website and Appstore is logged in.

How to fix iCloud option issue
* Reset all settingon the phone. Go to settings > General > Reset, tap “Reset all settings” and set up as new device via icloud.
* The Parental restrictions turned on during the iOS update may cause that.
Tap Settings > General > Restrictions > Accounts allow changes.

2 thoughts on “iCloud option greyed out on iPhone setting

  1. So i forgot my passcode for restrictions and my icloud option is greyed out! I can’t reset my ipod to factory without turning off the find my iphone because i need to get into the greyed out icloud option! what do i do now??

  2. I am having the same problem…I don’t recall even setting up a passcode for icloud. It is not the same passcode as my phone lock. Help me fix this please. Thank you.

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