iCloud & Outlook “your setup could not be started”

Hi, the iCloud has a problem with Outlook 2007 on my Windows 7 x64. I always get the following error when I activate the calendar or address Sync:

“Your icloud setup could not be started because of an unexpected error” Here , a screenshot: If you click on report you receive in the mail window following more detailed message:

Then the iCloud control panel hangs, and I get “The operation could not be completed”.

How to fix the iCloud issue
* Run the Windows Update. Make sure the Outlook 2007 is completely up to date.
* Uncheck everything in iCloud Control Panel. Log out of iCloud CP and uninstall it.
* Reinstall iCloud control panel and log into iCloud via CP. Then you are able to check Mail, Contacts and Calendars for syncing. Once done, all contacts and calendar will stuff from iCloud in Outlook 2007.

One thought on “iCloud & Outlook “your setup could not be started”

  1. I have windows 8.1 and icloud control panel 3.0 and all I get is the following crytic error outlook setup your setup couldn’t be started because of an unexpected error

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