Import contacts from Outlook to iCloud

I need to move from Windows Outlook email program to the iCloud and don’t want to leave my contacts behind. Is there a way to import Outlook or Gmail contacts into the iCloud contact list?

* Open Outlook, select File from the menu. Click Import and Export > Export > Next > selected “Comma Separated Values” > Next > Highlight the Contacts folder. Then save the csv file with exported contacts on your Desktop.
* Transfer the .csv to your Mac. Open the Address Book, choose “Import” to import it into Address Book, and enable Address Book syncing with my iCloud account. The contacts are instantly available on my iPad/iPhone devices.

One thought on “Import contacts from Outlook to iCloud

  1. You say what to do but not how to do it. I am trying to export contacts from Outlook for Mac 2011 and upload to Icloud. Cannot find a way. Neither the .OLM or .TXT will upload into Icloud. Any ideas step by step.

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