iTunes Match not working on iPhone

My Apple ID is the same for iTunes and iCloud and I have enabled everything that need to be used on my iPhone 4. But the Music Library is “No Content”. iTunes Match is not syncing with my iPhone. When I plug in my phone, open the iTunes app, and click on “purchased”, that shows around 300 songs. iTunes says “1600 songs are now available in iCloud”, but they can not be found on my phone.

How to fix “iTunes Match not working” issue
* Tap Settings > Music: iTunes Match and Show All Music “ON”.
* Tap Settings > Store, make sure the correct Apple ID is there and that Use Cellular Data is “ON”. If you are signed out of your account, sign back in and iMatch songs will be there. If you are not connected to WiFi, you need to enabled automatic downloads and allowed download over cellular network.

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