Photostream not syncing on Windows 7 PC

After setup iCloud, Photostream works fineon my iPhone/iPad. However, Photostream is not syncing on my Windows 7 PC. I place photos in Photostream upload folder and them don’t upload to iCloud. There are also no photos loading from my photostream to comptuer. Try reinstalling iCloud desktop program and disable virus scanner, but still not working.

How to fix “photostream not syncing” issues
* Change the permissions. Right-click on the Photostream downloads folder, click the security tab > edit >check full control “Allow” > Apply.
* Change the group “Authenticated Users” to full control.

5 thoughts on “Photostream not syncing on Windows 7 PC

  1. I can’t access photostream on my hppavilion windows 7 64 bit computer. I think that accidently deleated it. Help please.

  2. Where is the downloads folder? I installed the icloud manager and it installs several folders, but no “downloads” folder. Also, every time I go to, login, and try to view a contact, calander, etc. the computer asks to install “icloud web app” but it never seems to complete the install. I can only see two of my contacts from my ipad – no others upload or update, and the calendar also does not sync. Thanks

  3. Photostream has become a piece of garbage. I did what was recommended above and it fixed it for about 2 weeks. Now back to the same problem of my photostream not syncing with my Win 7 32 bit computer. I also have disparities between my iPad and iPhone. To me this is the easy stuff. Why can’t Apple get its act together with this? I see a Galaxy 4S in my future.

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