Refresh iCloud button disappeared from Outlook 2010

There was a “Refresh iCloud” add-in/button availabled in Microsoft Outlook 2010 on my PC when I setup iCloud to sync with Outlook. After I restart iCloud Control Panel and re-load Outlook, the “Refresh iCloud” button disappeares and I cannot choose calender in iCloud. Try uninstalling both iCloud for PC and Outlook, and reinstalling them, but not working.

How to fix the issue
* On the Windows, open Outlook 2010, go to File > Options > Add-Ins. You can find that an iCloud add-in shows under disabled application add-ins.
* Click on “Manage” > “disabled add-ins” and then enable the iCloud add-in. Then the “Refresh iCloud” will re-appear on the top of your calendar.

18 thoughts on “Refresh iCloud button disappeared from Outlook 2010

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been battling this for days and all the advice I found online didn’t work … until I found this simple fix!

  2. I have the same problem now after the update to icloud 3.0. The sync button is outlook 2010 is gone, and in the iclould programm, it says calender, contacts can be viewn on

  3. Thanks so much. So simple when you know what to do. I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to figure why I couldn’t sync my calendars between Outlook 10 and my IOS devices.

    This does it…I’m so happy!!!

  4. I had my icloud refresh button disappear approximately 5 days ago. Nightmare mostly because my outlook calendar wasn’t synching with my iphone. I tried all fixes I could find on various blogs. A combo fix did it for me. Here’s what I did:

    1. Run Outlook Office Diagnostics (this will at least indicate if there is a problem on the microsoft side of it). Mine indicated no problem.
    2. Close down Outlook completely.
    3. Close your icloud (log out)
    4. Plug in your smartphone to the computer
    5. Reopen your icloud (log in)
    6. Make sure you have selected the button before completing log in that says “keep me logged in”
    7. Start Outlook.
    8. Your refresh icloud button should appear on the right hand side of the tool bar.

    I found out after the fact that a houseguest had closed down my icloud acct to check his emails. Hence, sending icloud into a cloud of confusion I guess. Good Luck!

  5. Fantastic, it worked instantly! No more missing events that I thought would be in the calendar, I hope! Thanks a lot for the clear walkthrough.

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