Use iPad to download files onto Mac remotely

If you are outside or in office and get a link with something you want to download onto your Mac desktop at home, copying the URL to the iPad’s Notepad and doing that later at home is very cumbersome. To solve situations, Transloader utility helps you use the iPad or iPhone to remotely download any kind of file onto the Mac any time. Continue reading

Mail rejects my icloud password on OS 10.7.3

I have setup iCloud on a new imac installed OS 10.7.3. Everything works fine except for Mail. When I type my icloud password and Mail app keep regularly rejecting it with “password not recognized by server”. But I use the same psssword on my iPad/iPhone iOS 5 without any issues. It happens when the iCloud System Status page says everything is working and clearly not. Contacting AppleCare but still not working. This problem is very annoying for me. Continue reading

Gibberish icloud data on

On my macBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.7.4, when I login to using my account by Safari 6.0.1, all data are “gibberish” within the iCal window, and Calendar App. I notice that the gibberish also goes through contacts app. Try turnning off extensions, changing user agents and resetting Safari, but still not working. My friend’s MacBook Air 10.8.1 has the same problem. How can I fix the icloud issues? Continue reading

Mail cannot connect to iCloud on Mac

I have setup iCloud on my Mac Lion and everything worked fine until yesterday. When I open Mail app and try to access my iCloud email, it pops up error message “The server returned the error: The connection to host on port 143 failed.” or “The server “” refused to allow a connection on port 993.” And it also ask to enter password for my iCloud mail account. Doing that but nothing happens. Everything is working from The iCloud System Status page. Continue reading

iTunes Match stuck at uploading in step 3

After my iTunes uploads 20 items, it is stuck on the 3rd stage. The progress of Step 3 Uploading Artwork and Remaining Songs just stops working. There is still a wheel spinning, but nothing is uploaded. I am sure that is not odd track. Try pausing and restarting and a few works and then hangs up.

If iTunes Match is stuck at uploading, you need to re-index your iMatch library. Press and hold the Option key on your Mac’s keyboard, open iTunes, and locate your iTunes library that is under /Users/yourusername/Music/iTunes/itunes.itl.
Windows user need to use Shift key and the library is under C:\Users\yourusername\Music\iTunes\itunes.itl.

Fix Safari iCloud Tabs not working on iPhone

I have installed OS X Mountain Lion and Safari 6 on my MacBook Pro, and updated my iPhone/iPad to iOS 6. iCloud works fine on all devices except iCloud tabs. I have opened webpages with iCloud shared Tab feature in Safari on Mac. When I open iCloud Tabs on iPhone 4s, it displays “iCloud automatically shows all the open tabs on all your other devices.” error message and doesn’t sync the tabs. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading