Cannot delete events in Outlook Merge Conflicts Calendar

I have merged Outlook 2010 Calendar with iCloud. Whne I try to delete a recurring event in Outlook, I get the error message “You don’t have appropriate permission to perform this operation”. The event is created in the “Merge Conflicts” calendar. Prior to setup iCloud, it was in my normal calendar. It remained after syncing with iCloud. How can I resolve the conflict? Continue reading

Authentication failed because Outlook doesn’t support any of the available authentication method

WHen I try to check and send email in Outlook 2011 from my Mac via iCloud, I get the error message “Authentication failed because Outlook doesn’t support any of the available authentication methods.” I am using OS 10.7.2 and I can receive and send email on How to fix the icloud issue? Continue reading

How to Sync Outlook tasks/reminder with icloud

iOS5 reminder app stay synced between my iPhone 4s and iPad 2 with iCloud. Now I want to also sync these reminders with my Outlook tasks. With iCloud control pannel, it allows you to sync calendar and standard local task list. But when I creates an addition task list in iCloud, it feeds directly from iCloud. How can I make this iCloud task list in Outlook to sync automatically? Continue reading

Can I restore Outlook with iCloud Calendar

I had synced Outlook calendar to my iPhone/iPad devices through iCloud. When my PC crashed, the calendar was lost on it and I had to reinstall Windows 7 on my computer. My outlook data is gone and it is still stored on the iOS devices. If I sync calendars through the iCloud control panel, will it just sync the new blank calendar to replace the old one? How can I restore Outlook Calendar through iCloud? Continue reading

Refresh iCloud button disappeared from Outlook 2010

There was a “Refresh iCloud” add-in/button availabled in Microsoft Outlook 2010 on my PC when I setup iCloud to sync with Outlook. After I restart iCloud Control Panel and re-load Outlook, the “Refresh iCloud” button disappeares and I cannot choose calender in iCloud. Try uninstalling both iCloud for PC and Outlook, and reinstalling them, but not working. Continue reading

Outlook preparing icloud calendar for first use

I have installed iCloud on my Windows 7 PC and configured it to integrate with Exchange. When I start up Outlook and click on my Calendar, there is a little bubble in the taskbar saying “preparing calendar for first use”. Outlook keep freezing. I seems that everytime Outlook is re-preparing the new iCloud calendars. The Synchronization works fine. How can I resolve “Preparing calendar ….” error?

If you would like to combine a ‘private’ calendar next to your ‘exchange’ calendar in Outlook, you can choose the option “copy to my Calendar” and that seems to create an entry in your exchange Calendar.