iCloud Control Panel not recognize Outlook 2010

iCloud Control Panel has been installed on my Windows 7 Pro PC 64bit, but iCloud does not recognize Outlook. I had installed the Outlook 2010 and iCloud Outlook Add-In and made it run. It displays message “Install Outlook to use Mail, Contacts and Calendars.” and it just works for photo stream and safari bookmarks. I try to uninstall and reinstall Office 2010 and iCloud software, but still the same problem. I do have an iCloud account to log into the control panel applet. Continue reading

Contact Merge Conflicts in iCloud How to Fix

After I have donean initial synch between PC, iCloud, iPad and iPhone 4S, I get messages “contacts in icloud” and “contacts merge conflicts in icloud”  in Outlook. iCloud is reporting the contacts as conflicts and I can’t copy from “conflicts” folder to other folder.

I notice that all contacts in conflict do have photos attached to them. So I delete the picture and also delete the contact in the “merge conflict”, contact is coming back in my outlook again. Problem resolved.

Exceeding iCloud limits when edit Outlook Contacts

I have setup Outlook 2007 and it sync fine with icloud on Windows 7. Today when I try to edit a contact, Outlook displays a message “Exceeding iCloud Limits.” But I am using a fraction of the 5GB storage. I go to add some contacts, and still get the same error. Then I add new events in  Calendar, and it works fine. Can anybody fix the problem?

How to fix “Exceeding iCloud limits”
* You can go to icloud.com website, and delete the contact completly.
* Delete that contact in Outlook
* Close Outlook and then run it back again.

Outlook 2010 won’t open after icloud installed on Windows

After I successfully move from MobileMe to iCloud on my PC, iPad and iPhone, I couldn’t open Outlook 2010 and iCloud control panel. Outlook is stays on the “Processing…” for a long time on Windows 32 bits. I try uninstalling icloud for windows control panel and rebooting the PC, but not working.

How to resolve the Outlook issue
* Remove iCloud, reboot your computer, and download the iCloud setup file from Apple.
* Download 7-zip and install it. Right click on the iCloud  file and extracte it to a folder. Go to the file and install the version of iCloud software.
* Then sign into iCloud and everything works like a dream.

iCloud & Outlook “your setup could not be started”

Hi, the iCloud has a problem with Outlook 2007 on my Windows 7 x64. I always get the following error when I activate the calendar or address Sync:

“Your icloud setup could not be started because of an unexpected error” Here , a screenshot: If you click on report you receive in the mail window following more detailed message:

Then the iCloud control panel hangs, and I get “The operation could not be completed”.

How to fix the iCloud issue
* Run the Windows Update. Make sure the Outlook 2007 is completely up to date.
* Uncheck everything in iCloud Control Panel. Log out of iCloud CP and uninstall it.
* Reinstall iCloud control panel and log into iCloud via CP. Then you are able to check Mail, Contacts and Calendars for syncing. Once done, all contacts and calendar will stuff from iCloud in Outlook 2007.

iCloud won’t sync with Outlook Calendars and Contacts

My MobileMe is syncing properly with Office Outlook 2003’s calendars and contacts. But iCloud requires Office Outlook 2007 or 2010, so I upgrade to Office 2010 and setup Calendar and Contacts sync in the iCloud control panel on my PC (Windows 7).  @me.com email works fine in Outlook 2010.

After I upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 and setup iCloud, the iCloud Calendar or Contacts don’t sync to Outlook. Try re-activating iCloud syncing for calendars and contacts, no change.

How to fix the iCloud issues?
* On your PC, close Outlook, uninstall the MobileMe and iCloud apps.
* Resart the Windows. Download and re-install iCloud control panel.
* Configure iCloud to sync Mail, Calendar, Contacts in the iCloud control panel. Once done, open OutLook 2010 and the iCloud downloaded Contact and Calendar will be downloaded to it.